Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Image Making Post Processing with Topaz Impressions

By John D. Roach

During the past few months, I have been experimenting with more and more post processing techniques.  One of those techniques involves the use of Topaz Impression a software created by Topaz Labs that offers photographers the opportunity to create images that go beyond the usual camera capture and tonal renderings achieved within the camera or in more traditional post processing techniques.  

Topaz Impressions gives the photographer an opportunity to make painterly images with a set of adjustable presets that can make an image look like a pencil sketch, water color, pastel or a variation of a famous master such as Cezanne, Turner, Hopper, O'Keefe, Degas, and many more.   Sometimes I see an opportunity to create a "new" and creative look from an image I have previously created as a quite good traditional photograph.  Additionally, I have also found Topaz a useful post processing tool to occasionally create an alternative image for an image that had rather lackluster exposure or tonality into a photographic work of art.

Here are some examples:

Afternoon at the Lagoon (Original Infrared Image)

Afternoon at the Lagoon (in the Style of Van Gogh)

Chicago (HDR)

Chicago (Pencil Sketch)

Chicago (Original Exposure)

Chicago (Watercolor)

Hyacinth and Lily (Original)

Hyacinth and Lily (Watercolor)

Driftwood (Original)

Diftwood (Pastel)

There are option!  It is fun to discover possibilities and create something new.  So grab your camera, capture some images and then take a look at software options to create your digital dark room!

Copyright August, 2015

John D. Roach

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Evening Light at Milwaukee's Lakefront

The Coalition of Photographic Arts held its annual picnic at Cupertino Park at the Milwaukee lakefront in the Bayview area on Tuesday, August 11, 2015.  There were many CoPA members there who shared great conversation on a beautiful summer evening.  In addition to the schmoozing everyone enjoyed eating their favorite picnic food including grilled burgers, hot dogs, brats, and even a steak.  

Some conversation was about not only what and how folks were doing, but also their cameras and their latest adventures in capturing the light.  iPads and smart phones were sometimes launched to show image captures of the members work as they talked about their latest photographic adventures.  

Additionally, some of the members walked down to the lakefront to capture some the golden light at sunset.  

This was an evening of great fun catching up with friends and acquaintances as well as meeting new folks.  I know that I had a chance to talk to some CoPA members I had not met before.  

Isn’t that what happens at picnics?  We get a chance to meet and connect more with those we already know as well as meet new members and share our common interest in photography as the fine art form it is and further nurture CoPA and its membership.

To learn more about CoPA visit their website at  http://www.copamilwaukee.com.

Copyright August 12, 2015, 

John D. Roach