Friday, May 22, 2015

Early Morning
(There is great power as well as peace in a Sun Rise)

Recently, I spent a week in Mexico for some relaxing resort vacation that was especially needed by my wife; a break from her hard work in corporate America in an ever changing healthcare company.

I rose early one morning and photographed the sunrise along the beach.  The first light of the day is almost alway wonderful from blue light to full sunlight.  On this occasion I missed the blue light, but captured the gradual unfolding of Dawn's Gold Orb as the day springs to life across the Caribbean.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into what I saw that morning through the lens of my Fuji camera.  Pure flashes of gold and magenta as the sea rolled to shore, a ferry passes by and the birds fly...enjoy.  

To capture such light is a blessing for a photographer and all who view it.

John D. Roach
May 22, 2015

Copyright 2015

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